When Elon Musk presented Tesla Model 3 in July 2017 his expectations for the course of the model were very high. In the first months the Model 3 “suffered ” from several delays and problems in the production line. Several were the ones who began to doubt even the viability of the company since the sales at the beginning were not the expected.

With problems solved, in 2018 the American company delivered 146,055 Model 3, while in 2019 this number doubled, as 300,815 Model 3 was sold. With all this, in the 29 months in the market, Tesla has delivered 448,634 Model 3. But still its entry-level model is in second place of the most well-sold electric models in the history of automotive.

From the end of 2010 to the present, the Nissan Leaf still remains the most sold electric car, since it delivered about 455.000 units, in its nearly 10 years of presence in the market. All the data however show that the Leaf will not remain for long time the dominant sales. Since the first quarter of 2020 certainly the Model 3 will overtake the Japanese best seller at the top of the rankings.

Although it is not unlikely to see Model 3 overtaking the Leaf even next month if sales continue at the same rate as in the last month. Although January is almost always not the best month for sales figures.

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Tesla Model 3 will be leader probably the next month.

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