What's more fun than fishing? The answer is simple. There are plenty of ways to make this mundane task exciting and enjoyable for everyone, from the little ones who love getting their hands wet all up in some deep water, or maybe just throwing out one line that they hope will bring them something great!For those who truly love or appreciate fishing, this online Arctic Fishing game is for them because it's not just enjoyable or relaxing; it's also tough because you have to watch out for that red time bar. Moreover, it included excellent music that improved the game's vibe. So do you think you can get 100 fish in a limited time to find out.Game featuresEasy to playSuitable for all agesExcellent & relaxing musicExciting levelsHow to playFish were caught with a fishing rod that jerkily moved left and right. Try to capture more fish in the allotted time; the duration will be extended depending on the size of fish you catch. It features relaxing music and gentle games for those who want to unwind. It's a game that you play by yourself. Playing is enjoyable and soothing for all ages. Watch out for black fish . Try to bet on your own score so that you can make a new record.You have to catch as many fish in time. The time is limited, but the time can be increased. Find it out. Because it is the best arcade fishing game online.Game ControlsJust click on the play button and the game will start.DesktopOn the PC click on the mouse left button.MobileOn mobile, we have to tap on the screen.Controls and indicatorsThe lower right corner of the game contains a sound control button.The play or pause button is also in the lower right corner.The scores are going to be shown on the upper middle of the screen.

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